Google Cloud Platform

In this workshop we will be using Google Cloud Platform (GCP). GCP provides both a managed Kubernetes cluster: Google Kubernetes Engine, and a hosted command line environment: Google Cloud Shell.

Cloud Shell is a Debian-based virtual machine provisionned with all the development tools you’ll need (Kubernetes, Docker, Terraform, Python, Java, Node, etc.).

It offers a persistent 5GB home directory.

This means that all you will need for this workshop is a browser.

Let’s start by connecting to GCP Console. Log in and select the project named "Workshop Istio".

GCP organisation dashboard GCP project selector

Setup Cloud Shell

On the project dashboard, note your project ID. You’ll use it later

GCP project info with project ID

Clic on "Activate Cloud Shell" (on the upper-right corner)

Cloud Shell icon

Once Cloud Shell provisionning ends, this kind of prompt displays

Cloud Shell prompt

Execute commands bellow to display your currrent account and project

gcloud config list account
gcloud config list project

Set current project if it’s not yours project ID

gcloud config set project <project ID>

Set default region/zone

gcloud config set compute/region europe-west1
gcloud config set compute/zone europe-west1-b

Clone the workshop repository

git clone https://github.com/Sfeir/kubernetes-istio-workshop.git
cd kubernetes-istio-workshop

Congratulations, you’re ready to start this workshop !!