Kubernetes, Istio and Monitoring Workshop

This workshop is split in two parts : one focused on Kubernetes basics, the other on Istio and tools to monitor your cluster.

Kubernetes basics

This first part begins with the deploiement of a simple microservice. You’ll improve it step-by-step using various Kubernetes features : health-check, externalized configuration, load-balancing, rolling-upgrade, etc.

Istio and Monitoring

In this second part, there are three different and super simple microservices and they are chained together in the following sequence:

Super simple microservices

At the beginning, they have a simple exception handling solution for dealing with a missing dependent service: it just returns the error message to the end-user. You’ll see how to improve this situation.


This workshop is based on this great tutorial from Red Hat https://github.com/redhat-developer-demos/istio-tutorial. We would like to thank all of its authors.